WCF 4 – What is Coming

I am sitting in a WCF session and there are some cool things coming in WCF4. Some of the highlights are:

  • Routing Service: this allows systems to place a routing service in front of services allowing for the ability to configure backup endpoints. It also convert messages to different bindings, for instance the service is configured as TCP and the Clients need HTTP Binding. The conversion will be handled by a routing service.
  • AppFabric Integration: services hosted on AppFabric will collect valuable logging information. This allow for centralized reporting on the health of a service
  • Inherited Config Settings: config settings on services will be able to be inherited from config files in a similar manner that ASP.Net application does with web.config.

There are some powerful enhancements coming. There seems to be a merge of WCF and WF in certain areas. The enhancements that are coming are going to make it easier to develop WCF and WF applications. These can then be hosted in AppFabric for ease of administration and monitoring.


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