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Controlling Silverlight Child Windows Using MVVM

A while ago I wrote a post called “Silverlight Child Window With MEF and MVVM Light” where I laid out an approach on how to implement a child window in Silverlight while following MVVM.  Some of the challenges of using … Continue reading

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Isolating OData Calls in Silverlight.

As Software Engineers we strive to build elegant solutions.  We tend to layer our architecture so that our code is modular so that our code is testable and maintainable.  With Silverlight this poses some particular challenges specifically when dealing with … Continue reading

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Getting a User’s Windows Identity in WCF

I was recently asked by a coworker, “How do I get the Windows Identity of a user calling my WCF service from Silverlight?”  My answer to him was “To the Cloud!”   No seriously, I put together a little demo application.  … Continue reading

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“Update on the 5’s”

Microsoft’s MIX11conference is next week in Las Vegas. This is Microsoft’s conference dedicated to UX.  It has been at this conference where the various versions of Silverlight have be announce/released.  It was at this, last year, that they announced the … Continue reading

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