Silverlight Child Window With MEF and MVVM Light

UPDATED: I created another post that updates my approach for working with Silverlight Child Windows. So it has been a long time since I did a pure technical post.  In fact I  have completely blown my goals for the year.  I am going to keep working towards them.  My life has been hectic since the... Continue Reading →

Writing Custom Exceptions

Source Code: DownloadThis is the first post on my goal of writing 3 substantial posts by the end of the year. I decided to write this post on exception handling more specifically writing a Custom Exception. Why would we want to have custom exceptions. The first reason to create an exception is because the exception... Continue Reading →

LINQ – Deferred Query Evaluation

I have recently started reading Programming Microsoft LINQ. I am still in the first few chapters but came across a aspect of LINQ that could cause a frustrating bug in a developer’s code. I have not used LINQ that much in my day to day development so I have not had a bug caused by... Continue Reading →

What’s in that box

Recently someone asked me a question that any first year Computer Science major could answer without blinking an eye.  But for those of us who have been out of school for a while have to stop, think, have a brain freeze, and finally  go Google it.  In the end you knew what it meant but... Continue Reading →

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