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What Happened to My LayoutAwarePage?

Recently at the //Build/ Conference Microsoft showed off the development environment for Windows 8.1.  In less than an year Microsoft has rev’ed Visual Studio.  For Windows 8, Microsoft tried to provide project templates that got you heading in the right … Continue reading

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Using the Metro Share Contract With Custom Data

In a few months Windows 8 will be released.  This is an exciting, reimagining of the Windows operating system.  With this new operating system comes a new application paradigm.  Metro applications are optimized for tablets device.  These new applications operate … Continue reading

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What is This ‘LayoutAwarePage’ You Speak Of

Update: The LayoutAwarePage is no more in Windows 8.1. Check out my new post What Happened to My LayoutAwarePage? The other day Microsoft released the Consumer Preview of their  next version of Windows.  The next version of Windows will bring Microsoft … Continue reading

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Controlling Silverlight Child Windows Using MVVM

A while ago I wrote a post called “Silverlight Child Window With MEF and MVVM Light” where I laid out an approach on how to implement a child window in Silverlight while following MVVM.  Some of the challenges of using … Continue reading

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Isolating OData Calls in Silverlight.

As Software Engineers we strive to build elegant solutions.  We tend to layer our architecture so that our code is modular so that our code is testable and maintainable.  With Silverlight this poses some particular challenges specifically when dealing with … Continue reading

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Silverlight Child Window With MEF and MVVM Light

UPDATED: I created another post that updates my approach for working with Silverlight Child Windows. So it has been a long time since I did a pure technical post.  In fact I  have completely blown my goals for the year.  … Continue reading

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Day 1 of New England Give Camp Done!

So today (or yesterday as it is past midnight) was the first day of New England Give Camp.  We met all the charities and the developers that are making their projects a reality.  My team is building an application to … Continue reading

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