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Modern Enterprise Applications – A Mobile Web Strategy

In my last post, Modern Enterprise Applications, I started to look at what it takes to build a modern enterprise application.  Technological advances have added complexities to building enterprise application.  The expectations of enterprise users has changed. They expect to … Continue reading

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Modern Enterprise Applications

Each day technology advances, along the way the definition of an enterprise application has changed.  In the olden days enterprise applications would be installed on a users machine with possibly some backend services for aggregating data. These applications had to … Continue reading

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To Metro and Back Again: A Developer’s Tale (Part 2)

In my last post, I started a journey to see if I can share data between a WPF application and a Windows 8 Metro application.  We left off with the data in the Metro application.  According to the map the … Continue reading

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To Metro and Back Again: A Developer’s Tale (Part 1)

Update: Part 2 Hot off the press As most of you know Microsoft is about to release a new operating system.  If you have not heard then you should crawl out from under the rock and embrace the future of … Continue reading

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Windows 8 in the Enterprise

Microsoft recently released the Release Preview of Windows 8 on their way to a final release later in the year. This new reimagining of Windows is the most radical change to Windows in a long time. There has been a … Continue reading

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Windows 8 is Coming….Should I Care?

Recently I have been using the Developer Preview of Windows 8.  Back in September Microsoft announced how developers can build the next generation Windows applications. So Microsoft is trying to revamp its tablet industry while moving their operating system forward. … Continue reading

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Everything Goes in Cycles

Recently a colleague of mine at BlueMetal Architects presented to the following trend image: State of The Environment I find it funny how these things go in cycles.  It is like the cycle of Client/Server –> Desktop –> Distributed.  If … Continue reading

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