Getting a User’s Windows Identity in WCF

I was recently asked by a coworker, “How do I get the Windows Identity of a user calling my WCF service from Silverlight?”  My answer to him was “To the Cloud!”   No seriously, I put together a little demo application.  I figured I would write a short blog post so that others can partake in... Continue Reading →

RIA Magic

The title says it all. I went to a couple of sessions around WCF RIA Service (renamed because of the close relationship with WCF) sessions today and say the slight of hand behind the magic. Why do I say its magic? Well there is a lot code generation and attribute magic. Microsoft has built an... Continue Reading →

WCF 4 – What is Coming

I am sitting in a WCF session and there are some cool things coming in WCF4. Some of the highlights are:Routing Service: this allows systems to place a routing service in front of services allowing for the ability to configure backup endpoints. It also convert messages to different bindings, for instance the service is configured... Continue Reading →

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