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The World of Holograms Approaches!

Yesterday Microsoft announced the availability of the HoloLens Developer Kits.  The kits are available to developers who registered and were approved to get them. They will be shipped in waves with wave 1 shipping on March 30th.  These kits are … Continue reading

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A Universal Example

In my last post What Does It Mean to Be Universal, I talked about Microsoft’s new Universal Application Platform (name may be changing to Universal Windows Platform), coming in Windows 10. This new application platform allows you to build one … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean To Be Universal

So what does it mean to be universal when it comes to Windows 10?  A new way of building applications is coming in Windows 10. The past few years Microsoft has been on this path of converging all of their … Continue reading

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Layout Awareness in Windows 10 UAP

There have been lots of changes with Windows of the past few years. A while back, Microsoft radically changed the way Windows worked with Windows 8. The goal was to start to converge the different operating systems into a single … Continue reading

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Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality vs. Holograms

On January 21, 2015 Microsoft Announce that the science fiction of holograms has become science fact.  They announced a new product, based on Windows 10, called HoloLens.  The first self contained, wearable computer that can create holograms.  This announcement has … Continue reading

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