Embracing the Light- Silverlight 4

I spent most of the day yesterday in Silverlight 4 session. At the beginning of the conference they hand out conference schedule. After the first Keynote it is half useless and after the second Keynote it isn’t worth the paper that it was printed on. This is so they don’t give away the big announcements. This causes a lot of the sessions originally described to either change or are canceled all together. This has caused me to rethink my session schedule.

The presenters were very excited about the new features coming in Silverlight 4 and rightly so. There are some very nice features coming and it is nice to see that Microsoft is listening to the developer community. During the Keynote Scott Guthrie, said that the majority of the features in SL4 came from user feedback. He said that they ranked the feature requests by popularity and that they were able to get over 75% of the requested features into SL4.

I can’t wait to start playing with the bits. Some of the features I am most excited about are printing, some of the out of the browsers capabilities, and the commanding infrastructure. Yesterday I got to look at the front end of Silverlight 4. Today I am going to look at some of the innovations around the backend functionality with RIA Services.

It is really unfortunate that I can’t be in more than one place at the same time. There were some other sessions that I wanted to attend. Luckily these session have been recorded and I will go back and look those sessions later.


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