Boston Windows 8 User Group

Win8PresentationLast night I had the pleasure of speak to the new Windows 8 User Group in Boston.  There was a pretty good crowd, well mixed in technologies (C# vs. HTML) and interests (enterprise dev vs. commercial dev vs. game dev).  I hope that this will grow to be a vibrant Windows 8 community.

I spoke about some lessons learned from writing a Windows 8 book.  Originally I was going to post my slides but they were mainly note for my talking points.  Instead I will post the resources from the slides.


You can barely scratch the surface of Windows 8 in a 20 minute talk.  For more in depth talks I recommend you attend the Boston Code Camp, Saturday, October 20, 2012.  I will be presenting on how to Reimagine the Enterprise for Windows 8.  Specifically I will cover how to build an enterprise application for Widows 8.  I look forward to seeing every there on Saturday and then again at the next group meeting.


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