Here we go again……Yet Another New England Give Camp

logoIt  is time for the fourth annual New England Give Camp .  Give Camp is a weekend long event where technology professional donate their time to help non-profit organizations fill a technology need.  This can range from sprucing up a web site, to building out a content management system, to building a donor database.  Most non-profit organization concentrate their resources on their expertise and have little or no IT budget.  This is a chance for IT professional to use their skill to help out these organizations in need.

For the past three years I have had the opportunity to participate and have enjoyed every minute of it. Some things to expect in the days ahead:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Tight deadlines
  • Building great relationships
  • Doing something that makes you feel good

These project can mean the world to these organizations and help drive traffic and more importantly donors to their site.

Here’s the Math

~120 volunteers x ~25 hours of work x ~$50 per hour = ~$150,000!

These are conservative estimates.  A lot of people will put in more than 25 hours of work and $50 per hour in probably below market average for most consultants.  There will be people who will work 20 hours a day to help meet the goal of their non-profit.  Some will even continue the relationship past the weekend.  So one cannot truly put a price on this weekend.

This endeavor would not be possible help of the sponsors who help fuel the volunteers.  This year there is even an energy drink sponsor to help keep us going. Did I mention that BlueMetal is a sponsor?


Without the sponsors this event would not be possible.  Thank you!

My Contribution

CharlesRiverConservancyThis year I will be working with Charles River Conservancy to update their existing web site. They are a citizens advocacy group dedicated to the renewal and stewardship of the Charles River Parklands from Boston Harbor to the Watertown Dam.    They are looking for a site that is easy to maintain/update, that makes it easy to find relevant information, and that is “pretty”.  We are building a site that implements a responsive design, so it will work great on any form factor.

My Advice to Fellow Campers

Be flexible… Work Hard…. Have FUN!


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