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What Happened to My LayoutAwarePage?

Recently at the //Build/ Conference Microsoft showed off the development environment for Windows 8.1.  In less than an year Microsoft has rev’ed Visual Studio.  For Windows 8, Microsoft tried to provide project templates that got you heading in the right … Continue reading

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The Cost of Side-Loading on Windows 8

Recently, Rocky Lhotka wrote a blog post call Cost to enable side-loading on a Windows 8 device. In this post he breaks down the cost to side load a Modern UI Application (formally known as Metro) on to a Windows … Continue reading

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My Thought on Windows 8–A User’s Perspective

Recently there has been a lot of different reviews for Windows 8. Some of them good some of them bad. Dr. Jacob Nielsen, a user experience expert, wrote an article providing his insights into Microsoft’s new operating system.  The article … Continue reading

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Controlling The DataTemplate

Windows 8 has now shipped and developers are busy building Windows Store Applications (bad name).  Developers who have experience working with Xaml have expectations on how Xaml should behave. The other day I was trying to do something I have … Continue reading

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Simulating A Tab Control in a Windows 8 Application–Take 2

In my previous post on Simulating a Tab Control, I used radio buttons and a FlipView control to simulate a tab control.  A commenter pointed out that there were no animation when changing FlipViewItems if you switch items by setting … Continue reading

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Simulating A Tab Control in a Windows 8 Application

I was looking through the forums on MSDN today and found someone asking how to implement a Tab Strip Control in Windows 8 Store applications.  They used the Store as an example, wanting functionality that behaves like the OverView, Details, … Continue reading

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Exploring the StorageApplicationPermissions

The other day I was researching the different file access scenarios available for Windows 8. I needed the research for my chapter on accessing data in my Windows 8 Book (more on that later). The restrictive sandbox that Windows 8 … Continue reading

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