Silverlight Child Window With MEF and MVVM Light

UPDATED: I created another post that updates my approach for working with Silverlight Child Windows. So it has been a long time since I did a pure technical post.  In fact I  have completely blown my goals for the year.  I am going to keep working towards them.  My life has been hectic since the... Continue Reading →

Day 1 of New England Give Camp Done!

So today (or yesterday as it is past midnight) was the first day of New England Give Camp.  We met all the charities and the developers that are making their projects a reality.  My team is building an application to deliver messages to the children at the hospital.  These messages will appear as balloons that... Continue Reading →

Giving Back

So I haven’t done a good job blogging lately, in face I have pretty much blown my goals out of the water.  I am hoping that will change in the near future (more on that in a later post). This weekend is the New England Give Camp and I decided to blog about my experience. ... Continue Reading →

Predicting The Future!

So it has been a while since I have posted and I am not doing so hot on my goals for the year.  Work has kept me pretty busy an I have not had time to play but when I heard about Windows Phone 7 Series from Microsoft I had to make time to talk... Continue Reading →

Writing Custom Exceptions

Source Code: DownloadThis is the first post on my goal of writing 3 substantial posts by the end of the year. I decided to write this post on exception handling more specifically writing a Custom Exception. Why would we want to have custom exceptions. The first reason to create an exception is because the exception... Continue Reading →

What’s in that box

Recently someone asked me a question that any first year Computer Science major could answer without blinking an eye.  But for those of us who have been out of school for a while have to stop, think, have a brain freeze, and finally  go Google it.  In the end you knew what it meant but... Continue Reading →

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