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Windows 8 is Coming….Should I Care?

Recently I have been using the Developer Preview of Windows 8.  Back in September Microsoft announced how developers can build the next generation Windows applications. So Microsoft is trying to revamp its tablet industry while moving their operating system forward. … Continue reading

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Code Once Use Twice….or More

If you have programed against any of Microsoft’s Xaml based user interface frameworks then you might have heard about the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) pattern.  One of the benefits of this pattern is the separation of the view  from the view model.  … Continue reading

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Controlling Silverlight Child Windows Using MVVM

A while ago I wrote a post called “Silverlight Child Window With MEF and MVVM Light” where I laid out an approach on how to implement a child window in Silverlight while following MVVM.  Some of the challenges of using … Continue reading

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Isolating OData Calls in Silverlight.

As Software Engineers we strive to build elegant solutions.  We tend to layer our architecture so that our code is modular so that our code is testable and maintainable.  With Silverlight this poses some particular challenges specifically when dealing with … Continue reading

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“Update on the 5’s”

Microsoft’s MIX11conference is next week in Las Vegas. This is Microsoft’s conference dedicated to UX.  It has been at this conference where the various versions of Silverlight have be announce/released.  It was at this, last year, that they announced the … Continue reading

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Why Repositories Matter!

I recently read a blog titled “Architecting in the pit of doom: The evils of the repository abstraction layer”. In it Ayende makes some pretty compelling points as to why you should not use repositories.  In his example he is … Continue reading

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Implement an Entity Framework Trace Listener For Logging Application Block

I am working on a project that wants to implement a logging utilizing the Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0.  The project has a need to create different types of logs (Auditing, Exception, …). This log information is going to be stored … Continue reading

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