Some Silverlight Resources to Help Get Started

I seem to get this question a lot “I want to get started in Silverlight…Where do I begin?”  A while back I put together an email to a friend with some resources that I have found helpful.  The last couple of weeks I seem to have to go back to that email and forward it to others.  So I decided to put this post together so I don’t have to keep looking for it.

So what do we have here. This is a list of resources that I have found useful.  This is not an all encompassing list and I am sure that there are better resources (feel free to send me your favorites in the comments)

Start here:

The Future of Microsoft Silverlight: The Future of Microsoft Silverlight

Silverlight 5 Plans Revealed:

Silverlight Firestarter:

Good MVVM Video: Associated blog post –

Good blogs (from Microsoft people):

Other Silverlight Blogs:

Good Book:

This book has gotten a lot of good reviews from some respected people in the Silverlight Community:  The author is also responsible for MVVMLight

Again these are just some of the resource I continually go back to.  Enjoy


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