RIA Magic

The title says it all. I went to a couple of sessions around WCF RIA Service (renamed because of the close relationship with WCF) sessions today and say the slight of hand behind the magic. Why do I say its magic? Well there is a lot code generation and attribute magic. Microsoft has built an... Continue Reading →

Embracing the Light- Silverlight 4

I spent most of the day yesterday in Silverlight 4 session. At the beginning of the conference they hand out conference schedule. After the first Keynote it is half useless and after the second Keynote it isn’t worth the paper that it was printed on. This is so they don’t give away the big announcements.... Continue Reading →

Full Day of Silverlight

This is my fist post from PDC 2009.  I attended an all day workshop on Silverlight.  It was presented by a couple of Brits who came here to teach me!  Overall the presentation was pretty good.   The first session was just a general overview of  Silverlight presented by Ian Griffiths.  This was a little more... Continue Reading →

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