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What Does It Mean To Be Universal

So what does it mean to be universal when it comes to Windows 10?  A new way of building applications is coming in Windows 10. The past few years Microsoft has been on this path of converging all of their … Continue reading

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The Cost of Side-Loading on Windows 8

Recently, Rocky Lhotka wrote a blog post call Cost to enable side-loading on a Windows 8 device. In this post he breaks down the cost to side load a Modern UI Application (formally known as Metro) on to a Windows … Continue reading

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Controlling The DataTemplate

Windows 8 has now shipped and developers are busy building Windows Store Applications (bad name).  Developers who have experience working with Xaml have expectations on how Xaml should behave. The other day I was trying to do something I have … Continue reading

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Boston Code Camp 18

Updated: Here is a link to a video that shows the new SCCM features for supporting Windows 8 that are available in the SP1 Today I presented ‘Reimagining the Enterprise with Windows 8’ at Boston Code Camp 18.  I talked … Continue reading

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Simulating A Tab Control in a Windows 8 Application–Take 2

In my previous post on Simulating a Tab Control, I used radio buttons and a FlipView control to simulate a tab control.  A commenter pointed out that there were no animation when changing FlipViewItems if you switch items by setting … Continue reading

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Simulating A Tab Control in a Windows 8 Application

I was looking through the forums on MSDN today and found someone asking how to implement a Tab Strip Control in Windows 8 Store applications.  They used the Store as an example, wanting functionality that behaves like the OverView, Details, … Continue reading

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Exploring the StorageApplicationPermissions

The other day I was researching the different file access scenarios available for Windows 8. I needed the research for my chapter on accessing data in my Windows 8 Book (more on that later). The restrictive sandbox that Windows 8 … Continue reading

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