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Modern Enterprise Applications – Native Application vs. Mobile Web

In my recent post, A Mobile Web Strategy, I covered some of the architectural decisions that go into build a mobile website.  I glazed over the process of choosing whether to a mobile web application or build a native application. … Continue reading

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My Thought on Windows 8–A User’s Perspective

Recently there has been a lot of different reviews for Windows 8. Some of them good some of them bad. Dr. Jacob Nielsen, a user experience expert, wrote an article providing his insights into Microsoft’s new operating system.  The article … Continue reading

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Windows Phone 8 – Its Coming!

Last week was a busy week for Microsoft. First they announced that they were building their own Windows 8 tablet. Then later in the week they conducted a Windows Phone Summit, giving developer their first glimpse into the next version … Continue reading

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Windows 8 is Coming….Should I Care?

Recently I have been using the Developer Preview of Windows 8.  Back in September Microsoft announced how developers can build the next generation Windows applications. So Microsoft is trying to revamp its tablet industry while moving their operating system forward. … Continue reading

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Everything Goes in Cycles

Recently a colleague of mine at BlueMetal Architects presented to the following trend image: State of The Environment I find it funny how these things go in cycles.  It is like the cycle of Client/Server –> Desktop –> Distributed.  If … Continue reading

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Code Once Use Twice….or More

If you have programed against any of Microsoft’s Xaml based user interface frameworks then you might have heard about the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) pattern.  One of the benefits of this pattern is the separation of the view  from the view model.  … Continue reading

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“Update on the 5’s”

Microsoft’s MIX11conference is next week in Las Vegas. This is Microsoft’s conference dedicated to UX.  It has been at this conference where the various versions of Silverlight have be announce/released.  It was at this, last year, that they announced the … Continue reading

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